Collagen is the most important component responsible and maintaining the elasticity of our skin. After the age of 25, collagen decreases significantly, leading to sagging skin, wrinkles, and musculoskeletal problems.

What makes our COLAGEN different from the rest of the collagen on the market and why do we call it LIVE?

The properties of collagen depend on both its origin and the method of extraction. By taking PROAMIN PREMIUM GOLD capsules, you get bioactive collagen, which helps and stimulates the body’s own collagen production.

All products under the brand name BILEYA and COLYFINE contain LYOPHILIZED
high-quality collagen.

WHY is collagen extracted from the skin of FISH the best choice?

For decades, the cosmetic industry has used collagen of BEEF or PORK origin in its preparations. Collagen of bovine and porcine origin is extracted from animal waste, mainly hides, and bones in an aqueous solution which is brought to a boil.

Collagen is a protein and as such is not resistant to high temperatures, which is why this extraction method is absolutely wrong and above all, does not bring any benefit to our skin. It should be noted that collagen is denatured at relatively low temperatures (between 30 and 40°C), therefore it is obvious that if exposed to high temperatures for a long time (95°C is the extraction temperature of bovine and porcine collagen) and then sterilized at 138°C, it turns into gelatin. This is why most cosmetic products that boast collagen in the INCI are actually enriched with GELATIN, not COLLAGEN. Gelatin is an inactive protein, devoid of any biological function and therefore its application does not bring any benefit to the skin.

The technology by which our collagen is obtained is freeze-drying, thus preserving its bioactive properties. This is the main reason why we often call it ALIVE.